A story of freshness


Meet Iveta

Forest and pristine  nature      have been   my life  long  passion     and  remedy.

First , while  I  was  growing  up in   enchanting  forest in Carpathian's Mountains  in Slovakia and second ,   when I  moved to and discovered  precious natural wilderness    in Canada..

I was born with severe chronic skin condition -psoriasis.

Person  who has any  serious   skin   issues faces     challenges it brings.  Every day normal  activities like taking shower,  taking care of  the  skin   or  wearing short   sleeves   can be really  awful   experience.

Skin is our largest organ and I know   that 

u sing chemical free    skin products  is a 

  must.  Throughout   the years I  do lots of    research, try  different approaches  and  educate  myself.

 One thing I  learned   for  sure is that   when you are inspired , healing   starts from inside out.

 When my  daughter  Emma inspired  our  family  to become    vegan   I  took Plant Based Nutrition  class   at Ananda Om  to learn what  steps  to take.

Here I got inspired to practice reiki 

  I' became   Certified in Body Butters Program,  Aromatherapy  for   Narural  Living Program   and studying  Aromatherapy Teacher  Training Program  at  Aromahead Institute .

I  grow  medicinal  garden   with calendula, chamomile, lavender ,   and other  medicinal plants here in  NDG, Montreal   and offer   them through  handmade  products.

From planting  organic seeds,   harvesting  and    infusing them  

  to  transforming  them  into  skin products and   remedies.

I  make sure all natural  oils    and  essential  oils   I use in my blends come from pure and honest distillers  and local organic farms.

 When we  use  medicinal plants  and essential oils  at home  with my large  family

{I'm single  mom of four wonderful kids who are  helping me in garden and production too}

it amazes me every time , how  chemical components  of  each  oil   have    unique   therapeutic     properties ,  how much bea uty   and  harmony  they  bring.

 I believe " less is more"   and make recipes very simple while  trust ing   in   nature's own process.

It brings me lot s  of joy  to share Nature's gifts  with you  through transparent,   wholesome 

ivkaforest    products   and offer 

 "  How to make your own   cleaning product s"    workshops.

My intention is  to support  your  well  being and health 

as well   as  to celebrate your own unique natural  beauty.